UHF RFID battery-assisted passive tags are a type of RFID tag that incorporates a battery to enhance its performance and functionality. UHF RFID tags are typically used for tracking and identifying objects, assets, or inventory. Battery-assisted tags provide additional features and capabilities compared to passive RFID tags, which rely solely on energy harvested from the reader’s signal.

Here are some key characteristics:

  • Extended Range: The battery in these tags helps boost the tag’s signal strength. Allowing it to communicate with RFID readers at greater distances compared to passive tags. This extended range can be especially useful in applications that require long-range tracking and monitoring.
  • Improved Read Rates: Tags can offer more consistent and reliable read rates, even in challenging environments with interference or other RF noise.
  • High User Memory: These tags often include significant user memory capacity. The onboard battery allows them to store and process data efficiently.

For additional information on UHF RFID BAP chips, visit the websites of Impinj (Monza X 8K) and EM Microelectronic (EM 4325).

UHF RFID battery-assisted tag

UHF RFID Battery-Assisted Passive Tag ver.1

UHF RFID Battery-assisted tag

UHF RFID Battery-Assisted Passive Tag ver.2