The tags are built on Monza X 8K, EM Microelectronics and NXP chips. Each chip has specific performances ( high user
memory, auxiliary functions etc. ) and for every application, there is a suitable chip. The above-mentioned chips do not have general parameters; each chip has its own individual parameters. These create a unique background for each specific application. According to your project, we can supply a UHF RFID BAP tag with a chip that fits your application.

Please do not hesitate to contact us, for consultation regarding which chip for UHF RFID BAP tags are best for an application.

UHF RFID Battery-assisted tag

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Frequency: 865 – 928 MHz
Type: EPC Global and ISO 18000-63 compliant, Gen2V2 compliant
Chip: NVM 8K, Impinj Monza X-8K
Read Range : Up to 3,5m/0.01W ERP on metal background
Up to 35m/2W EIRP on metal background
Long Battery Life : 6 years 
Dimension: 52mm x 65mm x 27mm
Material: ABS
Operating Temperature: -20°C + 80°C
IP Classification: IP 68
Color: Light Grey


H86(92)SP-Mo8K-T-Fe: UHF RFID BAP on metal tag, 865 – 868MHz, (902 – 928MHz) Chip Impinj Monza X 8K, Read Range up to 40m, Long Battery Life 6 years


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