Are you looking for a special RFID antenna? Please do not hesitate to consult us with your request.

We manufacture and develop UHF Near Field RFID antennas for frequency bands of 865-868 MHz and 902-928 MHz. Selecting the appropriate UHF RFID antenna is  crucial  for  the  success      of RFID projects, as it is a critical component. This is much like selecting the correct UHF RFID tag.

UHF Near Field RFID antennas are engineered for a wide range of industrial and robotic UHF RFID applications. Radiation patterns produced by an antenna pose challenges in many industrial     projects where precise identification is a crucial parameter. Unlike UHF patch antennas that are designed to cover a large RFID identification area with a wide radiation pattern, we offer UHF RFID micro tags.  When used together with UHF RFID antennas, these tags create new opportunities for RFID applications.

The latest addition to our product range are UHF RFID hybrid tags. These tags have been developed based on Impinj Monza and NXP UCode chips. They are not intended for general solutions, but for specific applications where the „event horizon“ has been surpassed. Integrating UHF RFID near field antennas and hybrid tags brings new challenges to RFID applications that are atypical for RFID.