UHF RFID heat-resistant tags constitute a significant area of focus. While the implementation of RFID applications utilizing these specialized tags may not be inherently intricate. A detailed analysis and explanation of the customer is required, especially when identifying possible obstacles. Distinct from conventional tags engineered for temperatures up to 80°C. RFID tags engineered to endure extreme conditions such as 300°C or even 400°C necessitate an entirely different approach.

Recognizing and conveying to the customer the finite lifespan of RFID tags attributed to temperature-induced degradation is imperative. Much like printer cartridges, these tags possess a restricted operational duration under extreme temperatures. Drawing from over two decades of experience, we have dedicated our efforts to the development and optimization of temperature-resistant RFID tags. You can read our previous articles on this topic, which are available via the „ResearchGate“ platform.

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