Are you in search of exceptional UHF RFID tags or antennas designed to meet your specific needs?

Do you require a company with flexibility and a highly innovative R&D team?

 Are you looking for a company that will be able to develop and manufacture UHF RFID tags and antennas tailored to your requirements?

Our company was established in 2003 in Brno, in the Czech Republic. Its mission is to develop and manufacture high-end UHF RFID tags to meet the specific requirements of our customers.

The success of our company is demonstrated by the use of our RFID tags in many industrial environments by customers across the globe. We are continuously considering innovative ideas, improving our product range, and broadening the possibilities of what an RFID tag can achieve. We understand that RFID technology is a creative field requiring a wide knowledge of RF engineering, materials, and design.

2022 was an amazing year for our R&D team. Each year we develop and release a range of new custom-made RFID product solutions. 2022 was no exception. We released a new family of our UHF RFID tags – micro tags. We also expanded our range of UHF RFID antennas, micro antennas and slot antennas. Both tags and antennas are reflected in our projects and customer requests. We presented atypical solutions using UHF RFID passive tags with a reading distance of up to 70m for the management of pipe networks.

In the year 2023

We will celebrate the 20th anniversary of our company. Since 2003, we have developed more than 80 original UHF tags. As we step into the future, brimming with enthusiasm, we are excited to unveil a plethora of visionary plans and remarkable projects slated for 2023 and 2024. We eagerly await the opportunity to share invaluable insights about our latest cutting-edge tags and antennas, along with enriching information from our RFID knowledge hub. Please ask us for further details as not all of our product range is displayed on our website. These products are custom RFID tags specially designed to meet the technical requests of our customers and include military specifications.

In 2023 we will release passive UHF RFID hybrid tags built on NXP and Impinj chips. These tags will be suitable for atypical RFID solutions and have a reading distance of up to 70m.

We are a partner in many industry projects, and we provide product support to RFID system integrators in more than 18 countries.

Please let us know which kind of UHF tags and antennas you are looking for and how we can help you. Our team is ready to find you the best solution.

Thank you in advance for the opportunity to offer you our knowledge, experience, and products. We look forward to providing more details about our latest custom-made solutions via our Twitter account.