UHF RFID Antenna H86-HV2-T40

Two frequency bands – 865-868MHz and 902-928MHz – are primarily used in the production of UHF RFID antennas.
These antennas are suitable for applications requiring a middle reading distance.
The UHF RFID antenna H86-HV2-T40 is housed in a plastic case made from ABS material. An SMA connector is used to
terminate the RG58/mil coaxial cable. We are able to supply the antenna with a cable length and connector as per a customer’s
individual specifications. The antenna meets IP 65 specification, making it suitable for outdoor RFID applications and can be mounted on a metal substrate. If you require a low-profile antenna, we recommend version H86-HV-T.

In applications that require a narrow beam pattern for accurate tag identification. We recommend using the H86-AD-AL
antenna. The antenna is embedded in an aluminium housing and emits electromagnetic waves in a specific direction.

UHF RFID antenna

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Frequency: 865 – 870 MHz
902 – 928 MHz
Polarized antenna: Linear
Gain: 3dBi
VSWR: < 1.4
Impedance: 50 Ohm
Dimension: 130mm x 90mm x 40mm
IP Classification: IP 65
Operating Temperature: -25°C + 80°C
Material: ABS
Color: Grey
Applications: Short-middle range RFID application (up to 3,50m)


H86-HV2-T40-N: UHF RFID Antenna 865-868MHz, cable 30cm + connector N female
H86-HV2-T40-SMA: UHF RFID Antenna 865-868MHz, connector SMA male
H92-HV2-T40-N: UHF RFID Antenna 902-928MHz, cable 30cm + connector N female
H92-HV2-T40-SMA: UHF RFID Antenna 902-928MHz, connector SMA male


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