UHF RFID BAP (battery-assisted passive) Badge

The UHF RFID BAP Badge  is constructed using
the EM MICROELECTRONIC UHF RFID chip. As well as being an access control solution,
the badge also enhances the security of workers and visitors within production rooms.


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Frequency range : 865 – 868MHz, 902 – 928 MHz
Type: EPC Global and ISO 18000-63 compliant, Gen2V2 compliant
Chip: EM microelectronic
Read Range : up to 8 m on body/ 2 W ERP (depending on the weight and  height of the body)
Battery Life : 3 years 
Dimension: 24 mm x 30 mm x 60 mm
Material: ABS
Operating Temperature: -20°C + 80°C
IP Classification: IP 68
Color: Black (standard) or Grey-Black


H86SP-Badge UHF RFID BAP badge, 865 – 868MHz
H92SP-Badge UHF RFID BAP badge, 902 – 928MHz


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